EPDM system Benefits

  • The Fully Adhered System using Acrylic Water Base Bonding Adhesive for fast installation means maximized installed cost value
  • Fully Adhered Systems are ideally suited for irregular building configurations
    as well as steeply sloped commercial roofs, using solvent-based adhesive
  • Simple and versatile Mule-Hide Tape Products make installation faster and easier
  • UL and FM listed assemblies available


EPDM is a high tensile strength, single-ply membrane ideal for long-term watertight
integrity. EPDM is lightweight, ideal for new construction and retrofit systems
without adding excessive weight to the roof deck.


The membrane remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures so it will not
split or crack.

Long Lifecycle

It provides excellent resistance to ozone and UV and can handle the coldest
winters or the desert heat.

EPDM product information

Mule-Hide membranes are manufactured under strict quality control and are
available in a wide range of sheet sizes, lengths and membrane thicknesses
through the largest nationwide distribution channel.

Standard Black EPDM membrane

The most economical singly-ply membrane. Ideal for ballasted and fully
adhered systems.

Standard Reinforced EPDM membrane

Reinforced with tough polyester fabric for superior fatigue, tear, and
puncture resistance Ideal for mechanically attached systems.

White-on-Black EPDM membrane

Reflects the sunlight and cools the building interior leading to lower BTU
usage and energy costs.

Fully adhered application is required. Meets CA Title 24, CRRC® rated and ENERGY STAR® listed.

Warranty Program

Mule-Hide offers an extensive warranty program with several options for commercial projects, including Membrane Warranties, Standard System Warranties and Premium System Warranties.

A Mule-Hide representative inspects all commercial projects for which a Standard System Warranty or a Premium System Warranty is requested prior to the issuance of the warranty. To be eligible for a System Warranty (either Standard or Premium), the installing contractor must be a Mule-Hide Warranty Eligible contractor.

Mule-Hide also offers a selection of Membrane Warranties that are available for residential (single family dwelling) projects.