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EPDM Roofing Systems
EPDM Roofing Systems are perhaps one of the most established single ply roofing systems in the industry.
TPO Roofing Systems
One of the fastest growing roofing segments in the market today, TPO roofing systems.
PVC Roofing Systems
PVC roofing membranes offer flexibility, durability and performance to your roofing system.
Modular Roofing Systems
Modular roofing systems typically offer wider width rolls and water based adhesives to accomodate in-plant installations.
Vegetative Roofing Systems
Vegetative roofs help reduce air pollution, energy problems, and provide stormwater management.
Walkable PVC System
DecTec Walkable PVC Systems install quickly and economically in new installations as well as add-ons and retrofit installations.
Modified Bitumen
Mule-Hide offers both Self-Adhering and Torch Modified Bitumen membranes.  Our Self Adhering Modified Bitumen membranes are installed without the need for hot-asphalt, torches or kettles.
Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings
Mule-Hide Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings are professional grade coatings offering long-term performance and ease of application.
Asphalt Coatings and Cements
Mule-Hide offers a wide variety of asphalt cements and coatings for your roofing needs.
Silicone Coatings

SEBS Coatings

Mule-Hide Edge Metal and Accessories
Mule-Hide Edge Metal and Accessories are available in a wide assortment of standard and custom sizes that are quick and easy to install, helping to reduce labor costs by eliminating on-site metal fabrication.
Roof Drains