Walkable PVC Membrane – DecTec® Product benefits

Easy to Install

Few field seams with 76” wide x 100’ roll sizes (600’ master rolls or custom cut rolls are also available). Seams are hot air welded. DecTec® Walkable PVC Systems install quickly and
economically in new installations as well as add-on and retrofit installations.
Fully adhered using approved adhesives.


Minimal maintenance combined with proven longevity equals low life-cycle
costs based on a “per year” expense when compared to alternate walkable
roofing options.

Environmentally Friendly

Long life span reduces repeated replacement and use of paints or chemicals.

Maintenance Free

Requires only bristle brush, light detergent to clean and remove leaves and debris.


A PVC membrane reinforced and coated to a polyester fabric mat through a spread coating
process provides durability plus UV, mildew and salt resistance.


100% expansion factor allows for expansion and shrinking caused by the variable elements
of weather and the element of lumber drying.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Pedestrian traffic solutions are easy with DecTec® Walkable PVC. Eliminates the constant maintenance of a “framed” deck built on top of a roofing product, or a below deck gutter and trough drainage system. It can be used directly over living areas. Ideal for sundecks, patios, balconies, roof decks, boathouses, and garage decks.

DecTec® WALKABLE PVC available colors:

  • Deck and Roof Membrane that’s water-proof
  • Durable - Ideal for high traffic decks including decks in Sunbelt where high UV protection is needed
  • 10 year material warranty available


Warranty Program

Mule-Hide offers an extensive warranty program with several options for commercial projects, including Membrane Warranties, Standard System Warranties and Premium System Warranties.

A Mule-Hide representative inspects all commercial projects for which a Standard System Warranty or a Premium System Warranty is requested prior to the issuance of the warranty. To be eligible for a System Warranty (either Standard or Premium), the installing contractor must be a Mule-Hide Warranty Eligible contractor.

Mule-Hide also offers a selection of Membrane Warranties that are available for residential (single family dwelling) projects.