Mule-Hide Living Roofs™

Vegetative roofs help reduce air pollution, energy problems,
AND provide storm-water management

GreenGrid offers these benefits with many additional advantages for a “better
way” versus the “old way”, the European built-in-place method.

GreenGrid vegetative modules arrive at the worksite pre-vegetated
(pre-grown option) in proprietary growing medium that meets aLL
specs, ready for installation

These interlocking modules are composed of 100% pre-consumer recycled
plastics that contribute towards LEED recycled content points. Additional
LEED points are achievable (depending on design) for stormwater design-
quantity control, heat island effect-roof, water efficient landscaping,
optimize energy performance, regional materials, and innovation and
design process.

Complete line of accessories

Irrigation systems, edge treatments, pavers made from 100% post-industrial
recycled rubber. Walkways, water ponds, outdoor furniture, and planter
beds can be incorporated into the GreenGrid design extensive, semi-intensive
and intensive design options.

Mule-Hide Living Roofs™ Featuring Modular Greengrid® Technology

  • Modular Design Maximizes Stormwater Management
    • Collects water to establish and maintain healthy plants
    • Retains runoff and peak flow of rain events, relieving overburdened sewers
    • Reduces the need for retention ponds
  • Saves Energy Costs
  • Can Double the Life of the Waterproofing Roof System
  • EPDM or TPO Waterproofing System options
  • Lightweight, Movable Modular Design
    • Installs quickly
    • Easy leak detection and repair
    • Partial vegetative roof design options
  • Plant Module Options – Pre-vegetated to 50, 80 up to 95% coverage
  • Contributes Towards LEED Certifications
  • Sustainable Solution for New or Retrofit Roofing
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Canadian Patents: 2,416,457 | 2,418,262 | 2,416,463
Additional U.S. and international patents pending

Available Warranties

Mule-Hide Living Roof™ 10, 15 or 20-Year Membrane Material Warranties*

Available covering the Mule-Hide Membrane (EPDM or TPO).

Mule-Hide Living Roof™ 10, 15 or 20-Year Standard and Premium System Warranties*

Available covering the Mule-Hide Membrane and Mule-Hide labeled accessories.

20-Year GreenGrid® Material Warranty*

Available that covers the GreenGrid module.

Mule-Hide Wrap-Around Warranty*

Available that covers the lifting and repositioning of the modules, walkway pads, pavers,
and ballast before and after warranted roof repairs are completed.

*Refer to the Mule-Hide Warranty for type, specific terms and conditions of each warranty. Sample warranties may be obtained through Mule-Hide Technical Department. System warranties are only available through Mule-Hide warranty eligible contractors.