Our company. Your team.

The Mule-Hide Team at the national support center is dedicated to delivering low-slope solutions that meet the latest roofing requirements

  • Distribution centers nationwide
  • Warranty eligible contractor program
  • Extensive warranty program
  • Installation training
  • Extensive code approvals, UL and FM listed assemblies
  • Nationwide network of Territory Managers
  • “Special Solution Support”
  • Online downloadable specifications and detail drawings

Dedicated to Assisting the Design Community

Achieving economy without losing function and creativity

  • Mule-Hide “fast roof” installations and ease of application products translate into installed cost value
  • Time-proven products and roofing systems function as promised
  • The Mule-Hide full line of roofing systems offers numerous options, including solutions for irregular building configurations
  • Mule-Hide offers aesthetically pleasing options – if the roof will be visible, Mule-Hide   Self-Adhering Mod Bit in popular colored granule cap sheets is an excellent choice

Expanding facilities while contracting costs

  • A Mule-Hide “cool roof” solution saves energy costs

  • A Mule-Hide roof offers durability to save maintenance costs
  • Delivering roofing systems with sustainability
  • A Mule-Hide roof offers a long life cycle, which means peace of mind for the building owner and the opportunity to fully depreciate the original cost
  • A Mule-Hide roof can play a key role in energy efficiency of the entire building envelope
  • Installing a roof with minimal disruption to building occupants/operations while eliminating installation fire hazards
  • Mule-Hide roofing systems install fast with no hot kettles, no open flames, and most products have little to no fumes or odors.

Building communities with a respect for nature

The majority of Mule-Hide products have low VOC’s and minimal disposal concerns for environmental responsibility.
  • Mule-Hide Living Roofs™ featuring patented GreenGrid® modular vegetative roofing technology provide the design community with a vegetative roof backed by a “Wrap-Around” Warranty