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MULE-HIDE INTRODUCES Eclipsedge for single-PLy Roofing Systems

April 4, 2017  

BELOIT, WIS - New EclipsEdge™ edge metal profile from Mule-Hide Products Co. makes installing raised roof edges, gravel stops and full coping caps in single-ply roofing systems faster and easier while also reducing materials costs.

A two-part design, with a base and a top cover, makes EclipsEdge extremely versatile and helps eliminate entire steps often required in traditional installations. The profile can be used in TPO, EPDM and PVC roofing systems and is not sensitive to membrane thickness. 

EclipsEdge is not fastened to the horizontal surface of the roof, so there are no fasteners to seal with membrane flashing. There is no need to install a continuous clip when the face dimension exceeds 4 inches. The ends of the top cover are notched for easy overlapping, eliminating the need for joint covers.

Using the EclipsEdge provides the same aesthetics from the ground as traditional coping cap installations while using a fraction of the metal. It also eliminates the need to measure and fabricate copings, and then return to the jobsite to complete the job.

Fastener holes are pre-punched for quick installation. EclipsEdge can be installed using battery-operated equipment.

EclipsEdge complies with ANSI/SPRI ES-1, “Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roofing Systems.”

EclipsEdge is available in prefinished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bonderized steel. The standard base is fabricated from 22-gauge GALVALUME® Plus steel or .050-gauge aluminum. The cover is available in 24-gauge GALVALUME with mill or Kynar® finish, 24-gauge stainless steel or .040-gauge aluminum in mil or Kynar finish. All covers measuring 9 to 13 inches are fabricated with aluminum.


MULE-HIDE INTRODUCES JTS 1 Joint & Termination Sealant

Feb. 6, 2017  

BELOIT, WIS - New JTS 1 joint and termination sealant from Mule-Hide Products Co. allows contractors to quickly and easily seal large joints and roof termination bars – including those submerged under water – with no sagging or shrinking and minimal odor.

The 100% solids moisture-cure urethane sealant delivers excellent adhesion to EPDM and PVC membranes, concrete, masonry, wood, vinyl and other common building materials. Primer is required when using it on TPO membranes.

JTS 1 offers exceptional workability for quick, easy application in both dry and wet surface applications. It has a tack-free time of just 30 minutes – significantly shorter than other joint and termination sealants – further enhancing crew efficiency.

The solids content of JTS 1 eliminates shrinking and sagging. The sealant can, therefore, be used to provide watertight closure of joints up to 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep; many other joint and termination sealants have a maximum recommended joint width of only one-half inch. And when applied to vertical surfaces, the bead stays in place, rather than oozing down the joint.

JTS 1 is isocyanate-free, enabling it to be packaged in durable plastic cartridges without losing workability. Unlike cardboard tubes, the cartridges can be submerged under water to repair roof leaks, gutters and downspouts. They also better withstand the rigors of transportation, storage and jobsite conditions without becoming damaged.

Solvent-free JTS 1 has minimal odor. Its volatile organic compound (VOC) content of less than 10 grams per liter makes its use allowable in areas with VOC restrictions.

JTS 1 is available in eight colors – White, Black, Bronze, Medium Bronze, Gray, Limestone, Wicker/Tan and Terra Cotta.



FEB. 6, 2017  

BELOIT, WIS - New Mule-Hide Walkway Granules from Mule-Hide Products Co. produce a durable, non-slip surface for walkways and other foot traffic areas on roofs coated with Mule-Hide 100% Silicone Roof Coating.

The colored EPDM granules are embedded in freshly applied 100% Silicone Roof Coating, creating non-slip, damage-resistant paths to and around HVAC equipment and other areas that require regular inspection and maintenance. The granules are simply broadcast into the silicone coating, and any loose granules are vacuumed from the surface after the coating has fully cured.  



September 7, 2016 
BELOIT, WIS - With its one-step application process, new Helix™ Low-Rise Adhesive from Mule-Hide Products Co. provides quick, clean, adhesion of approved roof insulations, thermal barriers, cover boards and fleece-backed single-ply membranes to a wide variety of acceptable roofing substrates.

The two-component, construction-grade polyurethane foam is applied in a single step, saving crews time and hassle. Both parts of the adhesive are ready to use from the container – no mixing required – and are applied simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio through a static mix tip. The adhesive is applied in continuous ribbons or beads spaced 4, 6 or 12 inches apart, depending on the project and code requirements. There is no overspray. The adhesive cures fully in just minutes.

Helix Low-Rise Adhesive is odorless and solvent-free and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), making it crew-, building occupant- and environment-friendly.  

The adhesive eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, maintaining an puncture-free vapor retarder, preventing thermal bridging and protecting the structural integrity of the roof deck.

The strong bond created by Helix Low-Rise Adhesive also helps roofing systems stand up to Mother Nature. The adhesive provides superior wind uplift resistance, allowing it to be used on taller buildings and buildings in higher wind zones. In addition, it provides exceptional hail resistance when used as an adhesive for fleece-backed membranes. 

Helix Low-Rise Adhesive comes in cartridge twin-pack tubes or two-tank sets. Both include one container of each of the adhesive’s two components – Part A and Part B. Cartridge twin-packs cover approximately 200-600 square feet of roof and tank sets cover approximately 1,000-3,000 square feet of roof, depending on bead spacing.

The cartridges fit most dispensing guns currently available on the market. Tank sets come with a Helix Gun Assembly (25-foot dual-hose with attached spray gun), petroleum packet, wrench, and 10 Tank Static Mix Tips. Contractors need not purchase costly specialty pumps or spray rigs. No external power source is required to run application equipment, minimizing noise disruptions for building occupants and neighbors.

Contractors can Earn a Battery-Operated Dispensing Gun
Through a limited-time introductory offer, purchases of Helix Low-Rise Adhesive can earn contractors a free battery-operated dispensing gun. To qualify, contractors must purchase 108 boxes of the adhesive, with each box containing two cartridge twin-packs, by Sept. 30, 2016. Documentation must then be submitted to Mule-Hide Products no later than Oct. 15, 2016. Additional details are available at

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