The Mule-Hide Story

The story behind the Mule-Hide name

The original Mule-Hide trade name was registered in 1906. Mule-hide manufactured top-quality roofing products that quickly gained a reputation for long-lasting performance. The Mule-Hide® name developed because of an incident witnessed outside an office in Chicago. As the story goes, a horse drawn wagon with four horses was 
stuck in the mud. To help out, another driver hitched two more horses to the wagon. They were still unsuccessful. A short time later, a wagon with two mules came by. They took off all of the horses and hooked up the two mules. The mules dug down hard and pulled the wagon out. The impressive strength and durability of the mules would express those same qualities associated with the roofing materials Mule-Hide Products came to represent.

Mule-Hide Timeline


The original trade name is registered. Mule-Hide manufactures top quality roofing products
with a reputation for long lasting performance.


Mule-Hide trade name is purchased to market top quality Single-Ply, Poly ISO Insulation, and Accessories. Mule-Hide systems quickly gain the reputation of performance to the highest industry standards.

Late '80's

Mule-Hide In-Seam Tapes are launched making EPDM seaming fast and easy. Mule-Hide All-Purpose Bar is launched featuring a sealant edge, no sharp edges, and exclusive timesaving design for anchor, batten, and termination bar use.

Early '90's

Mule-Hide develops
 Water Base Bonding Adhesive to meet the in-plant EPDM application needs of commercial modular factory-built structures. PVC and Hypalon are launched to meet the need for high performance white roofs.

Mid '90's

Mule-Hide becomes the leading EPDM brand name in the commercial modular factory-built structures industry.

Late '90's

Line Extensions – Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings for Masonry Walls, Skylights, Ponded Water Areas on Roofs.
Cold weather Acrylic Coating companion products launched - Seal Fast Tape®, Fast Caps®.

2000 – 2001

Line extensions – A-320 FINISH for coating asphaltic substrates, EPDM Restoration System™ to turn black roofs white.


TPO launched – “The Affordable White Roof”. Self-Bridging Mate-Line™ developed for multi-unit setup of modular structures. Mule-Hide coins phrase
, “Special Solutions Support “to communicate extraordinary service level
provided to customers.


Self-Adhering Modified Bitumen manufactured with Adeso® self-adhesive technology is launched to meet the need for environment and insurance friendly modified installations. FR Deck Panel is launched 
to meet emerging code requirements for modular structures requiring Class A
 deck assemblies.


Seal-Fast® Tape and Seal-Fast® Fabric Tape are now manufactured with MicroSealant™ Technology. These maintenance and repair non-butyl tapes feature built-in primer for an instant, watertight seal that withstands 
extreme temperatures.


Line extension – pale blue A-600 BASE designed to restore aged TPO roofing membranes, providing easy to see coverage prior to applying A-300 FINISH. Features improved adhesion, resistance to blistering under extended moisture conditions, excellent flexibility and easy application and cleanup with soap and water.


Asphalt Cements and Coatings expands to eight nationwide distribution locations. New attractive label designs featuring easy product identification, application icons and bilingual instructions.


New Edge Metal and Accessories for Single-Ply roofs launch reducing installation expenses and increasing productivity. The wide assortments of standard and custom-fabricated products are quick and easy to install, helping to reduce labor costs by eliminating on-site metal fabrication.


Mule-Hide introduces PyroXL® Roof Deck Panels for modular structures with rigorous UL Class C fire-performance requirements and delivering superior EPDM wind uplift resistance, lighter overall installed roof weights and safer material handling.