Modular Manufacturers and Dealers

Mule-Hide Professional Roofing Systems are designed specifically for modular structures and are sold nation wide and in Canada at local distributors near your plants and offices.

  • Special cutting equipment and special roll sizes at our distributors offer you just in time single-ply membranes, ready to install
  • Hands-on in-plant factory installation training
  • Dealer lease-fleet setup and dismantling training
  • Retrofit contractor referrals

Just-in-time and custom cut, the Mule-Hide nationwide distribution network offers
ready to install new or retrofit single-ply modular roofing systems that are
exactly what you need

  • Custom cut EPDM (Black or White-On-Black), TPO and PVC membranes keeps factory lines moving
  • Fast installation products designed for in-plant manufacturing or retrofit bay re-roofing
  • Crew retention with easy to learn, low VOC applications
  • Available through the nation’s largest distribution channel
  • Membranes custom cut locally and delivered with expert handling
  • Code compliant assemblies available