building owners

Through years of experience meeting the needs of building owners and facility
managers, Mule-Hide understands the importance of keeping on top of the latest
roofing requirements and solutions. As the name trusted in roofing since 1906,
our time-tested and proven systems are affordable with long lifecycles, while meeting the stringent demands of today’s commercial, industrial, and institutional
buildings. Mule-Hide provides time-proven systems that are simple and economical
to install with minimal disruption to building occupants and operations.

Discover peace of mind you can count on with Mule-Hide
low-slope roofing solutions

Whether you need a new roof, a re-roof, or maintenance and repair on your existing
roof, you can count on Mule-Hide to protect you and your building.

  • Attractive, energy efficient solutions
  • Minimal disruption
  • Installed cost value
  • Long lifecycle
  • Extensive warranty program